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Written by on September 17, 2022

NAIVASHA, Kenya, Sep 17 — President William Ruto has told Kenya Kwanza MPs that they have the power to change the country for the better through timely decisions and policies.

He said the solutions to unlock Kenyas potential for growth require basic decisions that simplify the workings of Government.

You will be surprised by how simple decisions will have a huge impact, said President Ruto while addressing the MPs during a retreat in Naivasha.

The President gave the example of how the Jubilee administration was able to build more than 10,000 kilometres of road by making a simple change of the regulations.

We were able to build 10,000km of roads not by changing the law, not by changing the Constitution but by changing the regulations, said the President.

The President spoke during the second day of the Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group retreat  at the Lake Naivasha Sawela Lodges where proposed key policies, including measures to guarantee the right to engage in entrepreneurial work, were part of the discussions.

A proposal to enact a right to work law, which obligates the different levels of government to provide the space and enabling environment for Kenyans, was discussed.

Economist David Ndii, who heads the Kenya Kwanza Economic team, led the discussions  on the agenda to transform the focus for the government. He explained the proposed work law encourages trade and entrepreneurship.

The right to work law does not mean you are owed a job; it means that if you apply for a licence to do business, it will be the duty of the county government in charge to provide the location to do the business, said Dr Ndii.

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If you apply for a licence to business, you must be facilitated. County and city governments do not exist to make the city beautiful for tourists. They exist for the citizens who dwell in the city, he said.

The raft of suggested legislations discussed at the retreat included measures to reduce the administrative burden that stifles the growth of business. Another agenda at the meeting was the reform  of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and the urgent need to enhance the saving culture of Kenyans.

President Ruto said there was urgent need to reform the NHIF since it currently operates in a complicated environment.

Reforming NHIF is a priority for us because it currently performs three functions that are supposed to be distinct and separate roles, said the President.

He pointed out the three different roles are regulation and policy formulation, fund management and claim settlement. The President also said there was a need to get Kenyans to save more through the NSSF.

The culture of saving cannot wait. It is said that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second time is now. The best time to have started a better saving culture was 2013; the second best time is now, said the President.

The head of State said that agriculture will be at the centre of the Governments agenda as focus moves away from infrastructure construction. He said investment in the sector will be the turning point in Kenyas economic transformation.

We spend Sh330 billion on imports every year. Our priority is producing enough for consumption before we turn to export, said the President.

Other presentations to the MPs were made by Housing Principal Secretary Charles Hinga, NHIF CEO Peter Kamunyu and NSSF Managing Trustee Antony Omerikwa.

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